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Chinese-instructed Doctoral Programs for International Students (2019)

Why Chongqing?

²  Chongqing, as the only municipality in western China, is an economic center on the upper reaches of Yangtze River, also one of the 5 central cities in China.

²  Chongqing, located at the Y-shaped passway junction of the Belt and Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, is an important modern manufacturing base and a comprehensive logistic hub in southwestern China.

²  Chongqing is a famous city with fantastic history and cultures, also a tourist resort with unique landscape and beautiful scenery. Tourist attractions include Three Gorges, Dazu Rock Carvings, Wulong, Hongyadong, etc.

²  Chongqing is a home to delicious cuisine and foods: Hot pot, Sichuan cuisine, Chongqing spicy noodles and many other foods well known at home and abroad;

²  Chongqing is a livable and dynamic city where you can enjoy high quality life at relatively lower cost.


Why Chongqing University?

²  One of the top 1% universities in China:

¬   A key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

¬   One of the State “211” Project and “985” Project universities

¬   One of the 36 top universities enlisted on the National “World-Class University” Initiative (Category A)

²  A wide range of programs offered in 10 disciplines including science, engineering, economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, education and art.

²  Beautiful campuses with modern facilities for learning, research and living.

²  Excellent locationwith well-equipped amenities and convenient transportation.


Full-time doctoral education at Chongqing University:

¬   Duration of programs: 3-4 years (students who can not graduate on time may apply for an extension of study period of up to 6 years)

¬   Language of instruction: Chinese (for English-instructed programs, please refer to

¬   Graduation and degree awards: Students who have completed all required courses, meeting the graduation requirements, will be awarded with the corresponding master's degree and graduation diploma.



1.       Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.

2.       With amaster's degree or equivalent academic qualification, meeting the academic requirements of the applied major.

3.       In good physical and mental health, be under 50 years old at the time of admission.

4.       Chinese language proficiency: HSK 4 (with score over 180) or equivalent (some programs require HSK 5 or above, see the program list for details).


Application Documents

1.       Personal information page of passportThe passport shall have a minimum validity of one year. For applicants who are already in China, a photocopy of Visa or Residence Permit with entry customs stamps should be provided as well.

2.       Master’s degree diploma: Applicants shall submit master’s degree diploma. Prospective diploma recipients shall submit a certificate of expected graduation issued by the university that will issue the diploma.

3.       Academic transcripts of master’sdegree study

4.       Proof of Chinese language proficiency: Score report of HSK level (within the validity) or other Chinese language proficiency proof.

5.       A Personal Statement:No less than 1000 words, stating your basic personal information, hobbies and expertise, motivation, study plan, etc.

6.       Two academic recommendation letters from professors or associate professors with their signatures and contact information.

7.       Financial statement or bank statement:The available balance should be no less than RMB 45,000.

8.       Physical examination form:The form could be downloadedvia the university website ( and shall be filled by the physicianin English. The medical examinations shall cover all items listed in the form. Forms with incomplete records/without the signature of the physician /without the official stamp in the photo and the last column will be considered as invalid. Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule, as the result is valid for only 6 months.

9.       Study or Work certificateFor applicants who are currently studying or working in an institution, a Certificate of Enrollment or Employment issued by the institution is required.

10.    Certificate of Non-criminal record (applicants who are currently studying or working in an institution could submit a Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the institution as a replacement).

11.    Catalogues and abstracts of published academic articles and other original academic achievements (optional)

12.    Other supporting materials required by the specific program.

Note:All the above documents should be photocopies of the original Chinese or English version. If the original copy is in a different language, a notarized translated copy in Chinese or English must be submitted; as to the certificate issued by the school, the name and contact information of the certifier shall be affixed as well as the official seal of the school. Pleases bring all the original copies for school registration.


Application and Recruitment Procedures

1.       Online Application

1)     Create and activate an account in our online application system at (

2)     Fill in the application form and upload required supporting documents (colored scanned copy of the original version).

3)     Pay the application fee (400 RMB, non-refundable) online and submit the application.

2.       Evaluation and Admission

1)     Review applicants’ qualification and document.

2)     Review and assess applicants’ language proficiency and academic performance (usually by interview).

3)     Send admission documents to the admitted students.

Note: Applicants shall check their application status in the online application system or check their registered email for updates and application results. 


Fees (RMB)

Application Fee


Tuition Fee (Per Year)

Liberal Arts


Sci., Eng. Econ., Busin, Law


On-Campus   Accommodation

Single   Room



Double   Room



Insurance (Per Year)



Application Deadline

May 31st, 2019


Contact Information

International Student Admission Office

Address: Room 324, Main Building, Campus A of Chongqing University, No.174 Shazheng Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing, P.R.China, 400044

Tel: +86-23-65111001

Fax: +86-23-65111067


List of Chinese-instructed Doctoral Programs for International Students (2019)



Remarks   of Application

School of   Construction Management and Real Estate

Management Science   and Engineering

¬   Academic   requirements:

Strong academic research potential   and ability. With Engineering backgrounds such as civil engineering,   construction engineering, and environmental engineering, or with economic and   management background. Applicants who have published high-level papers are   preferred.

¬   Language requirements:   HSK6

Management Science   and EngineeringProject Management

Law School


Have a Master’s   degree in Law

Institute for   Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

Law (Politics,   Economic and Law)

Law(Moral-political-legal   philosophy)

School of Economics   and Business Administration

Business   Administration

¬   Academic   requirements: have an academic master's degree

¬   Language   requirement: hsk5 or above

Management Science   and Engineering

Practical Economics

School of Optoelectronic   Engineering

Optical Engineering

Understand the   development direction and international academic research frontiers of this   discipline, being able to engage in theoretical and experimental researches   and make creative achievements; have the ability to independently engage in   scientific research and technological development, and have a rigorous and   realistic scientific attitude.

Instrumentation   Science and Technology

School of Chemistry   and Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering   and Technology

Published one   academic paper during the master's degree study

School of   Architecture and Urban Planning

Landscape   Architecture

¬   Academic   requirements:

With relevant backgrounds in   architecture, urban and rural planning, and landscape architecture; Have a   master's/bachelor’s degree recognized by the Chinese government.

¬   Language   requirements:

HSK   4 or above

Rural and Urban   Planning


School of   Mathematics and Statistics



Have a good matrix   calculation and probability theory basis

School of Physics


With excellent   academic performance in school, have strong interests in scientific research,   outstanding scientific research ability, strong innovation sense and ability,   have published academic papers related to the applied major as the first or   second author, or gain the corresponding scientific research achievements

College of   Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical   Engineering

Management Science   and Engineering

College of Materials   Science and Engineering

Material Science and   Engineering

Have obtained a   master's degree in materials

Metallurgical   Engineering

School of   Bioengineering


Biomedical   Engineering

School of Electrical   Engineering

Electrical   Engineering

Have a Master’s   degree in Electrical Engineering

School of Computer   Science

Computer Science and   Technology

Software Engineering

Computer Science and   Technology (LanguageCognition and   Intelligent Computing)

College of Resources   and Environment Science

Safety Science &   Engineering

With   academicbackgrounds in miningengineering, safety engineering, civil   engineering, environmental engineering or other engineering disciplines.

Environmental   Science & Engineering


Mining Engineering

School of Big Data   & Software Engineering

Software Engineering

School of Automation

Control Theory and   Control Engineering

School of Life   Sciences


Have a master's   degree in biology or related majors


School of   Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chemical Engineering   and Technology

College of Aerospace   Engineering


With backgrounds in   the field of engineering mechanics.

School of Automotive   Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

School of   Microelectronics and Communication Engineering

Information and   Communication Engineering

With a Master's   degree in Communication/Electronic/Electrical Engineering or related majors

Circuits and Systems

NoteThe programs listed above are subject to adjustment. Please refer to the finalized information accordingly after the official enrollment.