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Off-Campus Accommodation

You may also find off-campus accommodation when you arrive at CQU. However, please remember to register your housing arrangements.

Students who live off-campus must report their new address to the local police station and obtain valid proof of their housing arrangement or Accommodation Certificate from the local police station within 24 hours.

Lanyuan No.6 International students Dormitory


Mode Room   Type     

Payment for a semester

Payment for a year

Single Room

4500 RMB/ person



Double Room



Xuelin Hotel


Room type

Pay by semester

Pay by year

Single room

5000RMB per person

10000 RMB per person

Double room

2500 RMB per person

5000 RMB per person


6600 RMB per person

13200 RMB per person 

Songlinpo International House


Room Type     

One semester

One year

Single Room              

4500 RMB/semester

8500 RMB/year

Double Room

2500 RMB/semester

4750 RMB/year 

The procedures for off-campus accommodation application:

Step 1: Sign a contract with the owner of the apartment

Step 2: Fill in the Off-Campus Accommodation Commitment Letter for International Students and CQU Off-Campus Accommodation Application Form for International Students in the ISO, and retain the copy approved by ISO with stamp and signature.

Step 3: Submit the above documents, together with one passport-sized photo and passport (original and photocopy), to the local police station and obtain the Temporary Residence Form from the police station.

Step 4: Submit to the ISO copies of the leasing contract, Off-Campus Accommodation Commitment Letter, Off-campus Accommodation Application Form, Temporary Accommodation Registration Form, and copies of passport, visa and the ID card of the landlord.

Note: Please properly keep the Temporary Residence Form, the important document needed to apply for a Residence Permit.In case of any change of off-campus accommodation address , students must report to the ISO and follow the same procedure for off-campus accommodation application as above within 10 days.


On-campus Accommodation

(1) Location

Chongqing University has four campuses known as Campus A, B, C and D. The arrangement of accommodation is based on the location of the student's host college. Generally, all undergraduate students live in Campus D, except those who study at the School of Architecture and the Film Academy, which are based in Campus A. Please refer to the following for more details:

→All undergraduate students (except those of the Film Academy and the School of Architecture),  and all students from the Schools of Foreign Languages,Journalism,Software Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics and Physics will be accommodated in Campus D.  

→Students from other colleges will be accommodated in the Xuelin Hotel or the Songlinpo International Apartment in Campus A.

Note: the name of your host college is indicated in your Admission Notice; please find your dormitory based on this information.

(2) How to book a dormitory room

As there are a limited number of on-campus dormitory rooms available, students could visit the website of the International Student Management Service Platform ( and book rooms thorugh the online application. Alternatively, students may book on-campus housing in advance by filling out the On-campus Housing Application Form (see Attachment 4) and sending it to the International Students Office (ISO) via email <> one month before the University registration date. The ISO will respond to your application as soon as possible.

(3) Payment of Deposit and Accommodation Fee

→ Deposit: according to the University dormitory rules, self-financing students should pay a refundable deposit of 500 RMB to the dorm reception when they check in. The deposit will be refunded to the students when they complete their studies and check out from the dorm, on the condition that no damage is done to the room and that the room is still in good condition.

→ Accommodation Fee: Students must pay their accommodation fee on the registration day. Please see Budget & Payment for details.

Note: Students are not encouraged to arrive at CQU too early, as CQU international student dorms are not ready to accommodate new students before the new semester starts. Arriving 3 or 5 days earlier than the registration date is acceptable. After your arrival at CQU, students may go directly to the domitories and check in with passports. After settling down, students should then proceed to the International Students Office (Room 322, Main Teaching Building, Campus A) for registration. If students who come to CQU with family members are kindly requested to find accommodation off campus, as the University does not provide on-campus housing for family members.