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1.   预定人必须是已经被重庆大学录取的正式学生,否则预定无效。

The applicants must be regular students who have already been admitted to Chongqing University.

2.   秋季学期网上预定时间为北京时间每年6月20日上午9:00起到同年7月20日上午9:00止;春季学期网上预定时间为北京时间每年1月1日上午9:00起到同年1月20日上午9:00止。房间有限,请尽快预定。宿舍具体信息,请登陆国际学院网站查询:松林坡国际公寓,学林宾馆,兰园6舍

    Online booking for accommodation is accepted during the following period:

     – For the first semester(or autumn semester): from 9:00 am (Beijing time)of June 20 to 9:00am(Beijing time) of July 20;

     – For the second semester(or spring semester):from 9:00 am of  January 1 to 9:00am of January 20. As the supply of places at dormitories is limited, we cannot promise a place in residential dorms for every new student, therefore new self-financed students are advised to book ASAP. You may check more details about the accommodation at the webpage of School of International Education. (Songlinpo International House  ,Xuelin Hotel  ,Lanyuan No,6 Dorm)

3.   住房预定系统的登陆名为学号(请在登陆系统查询),密码为出生日期(例如:出生日期为1989-02-10,则密码为19890210)。新生请输入学号预定住房并支付相关费用,您可在查询中输入此号码查询您的申请受理情况和付费情况。

The username of accommodation booking system is your student ID number (which is available in the login system), with your birthdate as the password  (e.g. If your birthdate is 1989-02-10, the password will be 19890210). To use the system to book a place in dorms, new students are required to input their student ID number. Applicants are also encouraged to pay for the   accommodation through the system as we guarantee the allocation of a place for those who have paid the lodging fee through the system or other channel before they arrive at the University. Again, applicants may check the application progress and payment with students ID number.

4.   秋季学期宿舍开放时间为每年8月25日后,春季学期宿舍开放时间为每年2月25日后。在学校规定的入住日期前到达的学生,请自行解决住房问题。

Applicant who is offered a place in the dormitory will normally be allowed to check into the dorm during the following period:
- For the First Semester: from August 25 (to be confirmed)
- For the Second Semester: from February 25 (to be confirmed)

New students choosing to arrive earlier than the check-in dates should  look for temporary accommodation outside the campus.

5.   如果您选定的房间因发生特殊情况不能入住,学校将为您安排条件基本相同的房间入住。

If the room alloted is found have some problems that make it unsuitable to live, you will be assigned to another room of the same standard.

6.   因房源不足,未能成功预定住房的申请,将会列入候补名单,同时学校会及时给预定人以回复。上述人员,如果您在报到注册的期限内到校,学校将根据当时的房源情况为您安排住房;如果住房已满,您将不能入住留学生公寓。

Due to limited availability, not all of the applicants will be assigned dormitory accommodation. We will email applicants who are not offered any dorm room or residence, and their application will be placed in the waiting list. We will, based on the actual latest check-in situation, go further to check whether there is any new vacancy to fill in. This policy, however, is applicable only to those who arrive within the prescribed registration time. If there are still no vacancies, new students who have not been allotted a place in dorms are therefore advised to look for alternatives.

7. 留学生按照该须知订房后,即被视为自愿承认并接受该须知所有条目。

Students who have booked rooms according to this notice are considered to have acknowledged and accepted all the items of the notice voluntarily.

8. 如果您有什么问题,请咨询:0086-23-65102964 或

If you have any questions, please contact us at 0086-023-65102964 or via the email of